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Scriptcast 63 – Screenwriting and Filmmaking While Parenting

Listen to Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast) by searching for “Scriptcast” on either Stitcher or iTunes.  Or download / stream the episode below! Film professor and director Eli Daughdrill joins Eric in the garage for a chat about filmmaking, parenting, film graduate school, starting out, making short films, and much more! Apologies for the audio issues on […]

Script Doctor Joey’s Screenplay Analysis

As you may have noticed, there has been little activity from me, Script Doctor Eric in a while. Except on Twitter, where I use my smartphone to tweet as @ScriptDrEric Apologies for radio silence.  I’ve actually landed a full-time job and have full-time things going on in my personal life.  (For way-too-much personal information, hear more […]

Scriptcast 62 – Emily Blake, Screenwriting, and Chicks Who Script

This episode we welcomed screenwriter Emily Blake back to the podcast for the third, yes, THIRD time!  (Don’t miss Episode 10: Emily Blake and also one of my favorite episodes Episode 42: Emily Blake Strikes Back!) Emily Blake, a former English teacher, is well known in the screenwriting community for her screenwriting website Bamboo Killers and more recently as […]

Welcome to Scriptcast!

Scriptcast is a screenwriting podcast where produced screenwriter Script Doctor Eric (About Eric)  and his talented co-host TV Wet Nurse Matt (Find Matt) chat about the ins and outs of screenwriting in a fun and humorous way…with various levels of success. (The easiest way to listen to Scriptcast is to go to the iTunes store and […]

Scriptcast 61 – The Value of Film School

Is film school helpful in becoming a screenwriter?  Matt and Eric are joined by USC film school graduate and up-and-coming writer/director Raymond C Lai  This is another episode where we’re still fine tuning the sound.  Sorry about that. We had two big mics that picked up me (Eric) and Ray Lai VERY well, but it’s […]