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The Best TV Shows to Spec in 2013

This post comes from TV Script Doctor Joey.  Even though her name is “Joey,” she is a girl.  And also an award-winning screenwriter.   (Check out About  Joey).  If you have a pilot or TV spec that needs help, there are few better than Joey.  After you’re done reading her post, check out her TV Script […]

Getting an Agent to Read Your TV Pilot

Turns out, I’m not the only one who gets email.  The other day, Joey – resident television expert here at – answered a question on query letters and pilot scripts.  I’ve posted that question and her answer below.*  Hope it helps!  -Eric A reader asked: My friend and I created an animated television series perfect for […]

Top Shows of the 2011 Fall TV Season

Below is another great post from TV Script Consultant Joey.  No, I do not know how to make these letters smaller.  Enjoy her take on the 2011 Fall TV Shows!  -Eric — I love the new TV season.  I love coming home to a full DVR overflowing with potential.  But unfortunately, this season is off […]

Putting a TV Pitch Together

Below is a question about television for our very own TV Consultant Joey A question from a reader: I have a friend (really, it’s a friend, not me) who has an idea for a TV comedy. It’s based on his 10 years experience as the member of an actual famous musical group, and the awful-but-real […]

Friday’s Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast) – Loglines

Matt returns for this Friday’s Scripcast so we’re return to discussing both screenwriting AND television writing. Here are a few topics we’re kicking around (Subject to change…but not likely to because that means more work.): 1. Matt really wants to talk about Game of Thrones and the fantasy genre.  So we’ll briefly chat about that. […]