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The Last Post About the Script Notes Deal


The Last Post About the Script Notes Deal

Hey there,

Some of you have taken advantage of my limited-time discounted offer on script notes and to that, I say “awesome!”  I’m looking forward to reading your scripts!  Well, most of them.* :)

To those that have asked if they can purchase the script notes now, and send me their scripts later, I say, “Heck yes!”  One of the points of the script notes deal is to give screenwriters motivation.

If you buy script notes now then you just made a financial commitment to deliver a script to me by the end of 2013.  Deadline created.  Now go write!  :)

I’ve also been asked if I will offer better deals on notes in 2013.  Why purchase notes now when Script Doctor Eric might offer cheaper notes in the next twelve months?

That’s easy: I’m not going to offer cheaper script notes for at least a year.  Maybe longer.

I may modify my prices, add more services, and hold contests, but you will not be able to purchase notes on your screenplay from me for less than $75 anytime in 2013.  Period.**  It won’t even be close.

So, I hope you take advantage of the deal, either to get notes on your script right now, or to use it as a deadline to motivate you in 2013.

The deal ends when the calendar changes to 2013 here in LA, and won’t be seen again until at least 2014, if not later.  (Los Angeles time, of course.)

Hope that makes sense.  Enjoy the rest of the holiday season,




* Kidding.  I enjoy things about every script I read.  It may seem a little hokey,*** but to me, reading scripts is an honor.  When someone shows you their screenplay, it’s as if they’re giving you personal access to a piece of their imagination for a short period of time.  I am grateful for that each time.

** .

** And by “a little” I mean “extremely.”  Hey, sometimes I get sentimental…

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