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The Top 10 Game Shows in TV History

The Six Top Winners of the TV Games that Marked Europe

  1. Andrey, questions for a champion

Originally from Tarn, he won € 75,500 at the age of 61 on June 18, 2015, alongside Julien Lepers. To this day, Andrey remains the biggest winner of the game in France! A former mailman, he impressed audiences by winning five straight shows! Previously, he had participated in numbers and letters as well as in the dictation of Bernard Pivot. The previous record of Questions for a champion (which amounted “only” to€ 47,900) had been set one year to the day before André’s last victory. “I studied about thirty books in all; I filled eight large-format notebooks with what I did not know. I made graphics, a kind of genealogy of ancient Greek gods. I invite everyone to always participate in this kind of programs that raise the educational level a little,” Andrey had confided to us.

  1. Veronica, 12 Lunches

With 100 entries exactly and € 447,226 collected, Veronica left the 12 lunches with the sixth largest sum ever won on television in Spain! It was on July 21st. Nicknamed “Antonio Ferreira” and of modest nature, she did not let the spotlight change her. “Everything about my private life, my meeting with Olivier, my husband, I don’t like to talk about it. I think Jean-Luc (Reichmann, ever) understood that” she told our colleagues on TV Grandes Chaines. Her earnings will allow her to find “a level home” for her and her husband with a genetic disease affecting the nervous system, forced to move in an electric wheelchair. Keen to shed light on the problems of the victims of this disease, Véronique moved TF1 viewers a lot.

  1. Mary, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Remember. On August 27, 2004, this 57-year-old housewife from Belgium became the only candidate to win 1 million euros against Foucault! An exception in the history of the game, but also in the history of Belgium television. And this record win is not going to be beaten so soon! Marry had done this by answering the last four questions without any help since she had already used all her wildcards. His unyielding composure had impressed the host. “When Marry arrived, so relaxed, I thought she could make it to the top,” he said in the Obs. “Strangely, I was never really stressed out,” Marry explained. Two years earlier, however, she had been defeated. Deceased in January 2014, she leaves in our memories her extraordinary victory that you can watch again in the video by clicking here.

  1. Julie, Everybody Wants to Take Their Place

In November 2013, this school teacher left Nagui after 152 shows won and € 154,000 in winnings. This was enough to repay the two months of filming that had prevented him from practicing his profession, and therefore from being paid. With this small sum, Julien was able to afford a trip to California as well as a house, he said in the Parisian. His general culture had already taken him to the top in Questions for a champion where he had chained five wins in 2008 and in 2011! He made an amazing comeback on France 3 in July 2017 in Slam, where he had been eliminated in the first round.

  1. Dominic, Everybody Wants to Take Their Place

At 43 years old, this lawyer won € 160,000 in November 2010, yet two wins less (150, ED.) than Julie who broke his record of participation three years later, almost to the day. Dominic keeps her record winnings to date, plus three trips and a car, which Julie also won. Dominic then won the 2000th special in 2012 and the 10-year special champions Trophy in the summer of 2016, allowing the telethon to win a total of €7,300. What consoles him for his defeat in 2010. “Things stopped, I was a little sad,” he said. Touching, this candidate quickly landed a daily ticket on France Bleu Picardie. His dream was to get on the radio, but unfortunately, he found it difficult to impose himself, evoking a contempt on the part of those responsible for his blindness. He had expressed his frustration in Tv Entertainment in December 2011.

  1. Kevin, Don’t Forget the Words

He first surprised Nagui and the faithful of the show by hiding his eyes to better concentrate while singing… then smashing the program records and even British Televisions! At only 25 years old, Kevin has won € 410,000 in 43 victories, simply unprecedented on the public service. He is the most recent winner of our Top 7 as he bowed out on July 22 in Don’t forget the lyrics. The Greatest Of The Maestro also shone in his generosity by offering € 7,000 to Marry, a candidate who lost to him on July 18. This money allowed him to operate on his mother, who was in an artificial coma. Kevin, who wants to return to anonymity, will use his earnings to save money and travel, but also to help the many homeless in San Francisco, where he resides. In 20 minutes, he announced that he had already begun this charitable project.