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Oscar Nominated Screenplays Free Downloads


Oscar Nominated Screenplays Free Downloads

Awards season is my favorite time of year for three reasons:

1. Most of the best movies are released – I wish they would spread the “good” films more throughout the year, but now I sure look forward to the holidays.  Ah, the holidays: eating food, seeing my family, and convincing my family to go to the movies.

2. Everyone is talking about movies – And I love talking about movies.  Okay, so not everyone is bringing it up, but this time of year I seem to get into a lot more conversations about movies with people I don’t usually have conversations with about movies…if you know what I mean.

3. Awards and Oscar Nominated Scripts are Available for Free Download – Some of the best scripts go online, and you can download them in PDF form for free.  Ashley Meyers of SellingYourScreenplay.com pointed me to nice page on the CBS site, which has a link to the pdfs. Here it is:

CBS Site with Free Downloads of Award Nominated Scripts

As screenwriters, we can improve our skills in a few different ways.  The first way, of course, is writing, writing, and rewriting.  The next is watching movies.  Finally, getting our hands on as many screenplays as we can helps us keep up with the best scripts and changing styles in the craft.

In other words, awards season helps season helps us do two of those three things.  Now all that’s left is the writing.  :)



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