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Script Doctor Joey’s Screenplay Analysis

As you may have noticed, there has been little activity from me, Script Doctor Eric in a while. Except on Twitter, where I use my smartphone to tweet as @ScriptDrEric Apologies for radio silence.  I’ve actually landed a full-time job and have full-time things going on in my personal life.  (For way-too-much personal information, hear more […]

No Screenwriting Office Hours Today…and other updates

I am picking a friend up at the airport, and thus must cancel my screenwriting office hours for today, January 18th, 2013. If you are reading this at a date later than January 18th, 2013, hurray!  Office hours are probably not cancelled! But even though office hours may be a no-go, it is still Friday…which means Logline […]

All Systems Go

Happy New Year! If you haven’t noticed, these past few weeks, has gradually returned.  The screenwriting services are back, along with Logline Friday and Support Something Sunday.  I’ve written a few new posts on screenwriting, such as Selling a Screenplay is Mostly Writing and been chatting you guys up on Twitter (@scriptdreric) and Facebook (* Well, now […]

Halfway Back

While I’m done with the larger project that kept me on hiatus through most of 2012, there are still a few odds and ends I’m catching up on before relaunching my screenwriting services. These “odds and ends” will be done soon.  As in, the next few days. So if you have a script and are looking […]

Get your Indiegogo or Kickstarter Project Funded

I’m pleased to announce the return of Support Something Sunday! It’s great to be back in the business of helping creative folks out!  Every Sunday, I’ll once again donate a few shekels to a film, music, or art project.  And more importantly, I’ll POST about that project and help spread the word. Do you have […]