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Script Doctor Eric

Unlike the other projects selected for Support Something Sunday (#SSS), today’s pick doesn’t need much more financial support.

In fact, if you go to the Kickstarter Page for The Canyons you’ll see that they’ve already raised nearly $50,000 beyond their target.

So why support them?

One reason: Bret Easton Ellis.  The Canyons is written by the guy who wrote American Psycho, Less Than Zero, Rules of Attraction and other great novels about young, disturbed overachievers trapped in emotional boxes.

Directed by veteran writer/director Paul Schrader and produced by Braxton Pope out of Lionsgate, The Canyons is a professional production all around.

So why sponsor a Hollywood flick raising money on Kickstarter, even if it is written by Bret Easton Ellis?

Easy. The perks.

While the MAIN purpose of #SSS is to help other artists get their project made, ANOTHER purpose is for those of us supporting projects is to feel like we’re a part of those productions.  It’s an easy – and relatively inexpensive – way to help make a film.

The perks onThe Canyons are frankly, amazing.  While not cheap, they deliver.  For $150 you can get an autographed copy of the script, tickets to a private screenwriting with the cast and crew, along with the poster and DVD of the film.  For $501 you can have coffee with producer Braxton Pope and pitch him your script.  And for $3,000 you can train alongside Bret Easton Ellis.

If only I had an extra 3K lying around…

The other reason I’m support The Canyons to encourage more Hollywood films to do what they’re doing.

Imagine if Paul Thomas Anderson had a Kickstarter for his next film and he offered signed copies of Magnolia?  Or the Coen brothers let you have coffee with them?  Or Wes Anderson raised money on Indiegogo and gave away pieces of his sets?  (What DOES he do with all that stuff?)

So, support The Canyons!  Reward yourself with a cool perk and be a part of the making of a Hollywood indie movie.





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