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Screenplay Notes

Update: Script Doctor Eric is currently on hiatus from giving screenplay notes.  Script Doctor Joey now gives all notes on the site.  Please read: Script Doctor Joey’s Screenplay Analysis – and then get notes from her.  Seriously.  -Eric   Are you looking for notes on your screenplay from a produced screenwriter and freelance script reader? […]

Script Notes!

The Script Notes deal below has expired…but fear not!  I now offer new screenwriting services to help you make the most of your screenplay in 2013!  ***** After a hiatus of epic proportions, the wait is over.  I am pleased to announced that I have returned to helping people out with their screenplays. In other words, […]

I Am Script Consultant (And So Can You!)

The title of the post  is a reference to Stephen Colbert’s I Am America (And So Can You!) and to the fact that yes, I am a script consultant and do offer screenwriting services to help screenwriters.  A recent episode of the John August/Craig Mazin screenwriting podcast Scriptnotes titled Screenwriting gurus and so-called experts sparked a […]