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Support “Laps – Season 2”

Some might say this web series picked for this week’s Support Something Sunday runs circles around other Kickstarter projects. Others might say it has a leg up on them. And still others might say…okay, that’s enough. For today’s Support Something Sunday, the web series I’ve chosen to support is “Laps,” by Chad Diez. The series is beginning […]

Support “Rover”

For this week’s Support Something Sunday I chose the feature film ROVER. Rover’s Indiegogo Page Instead of telling you about the project and including my usual array of cheesy jokes* I decided to just post the trailer.  This may become a trend:       Looks like a solid, Wes Anderson-y, indie film, right?  Thought […]

Support “Head Up Heart Full”

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means? Lunar New Years? Well, yes, that is today, but it also means that it’s the day to help a creative project out there, like I do every Sunday for Support Something Sunday. For this week’s Support Something Sunday I’ve chosen what could be the most emotional Support Something […]

Support “The Ovarian Psycos”

This week’s Support Something Sunday spotlights the LA documentary The Ovarian Psycos. Yes, you read correctly, that’s “ovarian.”  If you’re not accustomed to seeing that word in a film title, well, I think that’s their point.  It’s a documentary about women, empowerment, and bicycles. Which seems great.  Yet, beyond profiling the “Ovarian Psycos Cycle Brigade” it’s a little unclear […]

Support the Short Student Film – “Receiver”

For this week’s Support Something Sunday project I’ve chosen to help out a UK student making a short film called Receiver. It’s a sci-fi short, and well, it’s a student film so who knows how it will turn out.  However, the director, Pedro, found me on Facebook and sent me the link.  We’ve communicated back and forth a […]