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Script Doctor Eric


It’s an exciting time.  Not just because awards-season movies are out, or because everyone seems to have stopped working due to the holiday season, but, more importantly* the return of Script Doctor Eric is very, very close at hand! (If you’re thinking “What return?” please see this post

The point of THIS post is to let you know the first things that will happen when I get back to business. So here they are, in no particular order, but with numbers anyway just to make it an easy read.**

1. The return of Support Something Sunday.  I’m already sponsoring projects on Kickstarter once again…and it feels great.

2. The return of Logline Friday!  Get those loglines ready and win free notes on your script.

3. Special, one-time-only deals on my screenplay services.  I’m excited to be able to read and help you guys with your screenplays again, beginning in December.  Until then, really try to get them in as good a shape as possible.  Seriously. :)

4. Much, much more!  But right now, I have to finish up that project that has kept me away for so long.

Seriously.  And…



* Not really.
** Unlike this paragraph.

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