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Script Doctor Eric

Script Doctor Eric will be alone in the studio this week as TV Wet Nurse Matt is “swamped with work” (a.k.a. “lazy”*).  So he’s decided to answer your questions live on air!

Have a screenwriting question you want answered? Script Doctor Eric will do his best to answer as many as possible on today’s episode of Scriptcast

How to ask a screenwriting question that may be answered live on air:

Tweet it to @scriptdreric

Email it to eric at scriptdoctoreric dot com

The show is recorded Wednesdays at 3pm at the UCLA Radio studios, so shoot over questions before then!

There is no limit to the number of questions…

On second thought, the limit is four.  Four questions per person, please.

Thanks, and fire away!


* Kidding.  He is actually very busy. (Doing nothing.**)

** Kidding again.  The temptation to joke is high due to Matt not having the time to read this.***

*** Or does he?****

**** He does not.  Also, need to figure out a more effective footnote system for WordPress.

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