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Script Doctor Eric

Support Something Sunday is now on hold.  It will return in the fall, like so many other things on this site.

What else is there to look forward to this November?  Check out: Coming this Fall

I suppose this was inevitable.  Over a month ago, I attempted to start up Support Something Sunday and have a regular post every Sunday spotlighting a filmmaker or artist project.

Turns out, that’s a lot harder than it sounds!

While I love looking for new projects, and checking out the ones sent my way, I simply do not have time for it at this moment.

Apologies to everyone who has a project going right now and is looking for funding.  I only wish you the best of luck.

But if you haven’t started raising money for that short film (or feature, or album, etc.), why not put off funraising until November?

Another reason to delay: More folks are willing to give during the holidays / end of the year!*


Thanks for listening, best of luck, and…



* Due to a combination of the charity mood, and charity write-offs on taxes.**

** This is just a guess.  It is certainly not based on anyone I know.

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