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All Systems Go

Happy New Year! If you haven’t noticed, these past few weeks, ScriptDoctorEric.com has gradually returned.  The screenwriting services are back, along with Logline Friday and Support Something Sunday.  I’ve written a few new posts on screenwriting, such as Selling a Screenplay is Mostly Writing and been chatting you guys up on Twitter (@scriptdreric) and Facebook (facebook.com/scriptdoctoreric).* Well, now […]

Is this a Screenwriting Blog?

I have resisted calling ScriptDoctorEric.com a blog. When I began the site back in 2008, I anticipated its primary function to be introducing screenwriters to my Screenwriting Services. As a script reader, I felt my main strengths were in analyzing individual screenplays and helping screenwriters improve their work. I still feel that way.  There’s no […]

Welcome to Script Doctor Eric

Welcome to Script Doctor Eric! On this site, you’ll find posts on everything screenwriting: generating ideas, character introductions, writing mistakes, secret screenwriting tips, movie analysis, best of lists, screenplay contests, query letters, and much, much, more. Okay, maybe just one “much.” Use the search box to find what you’re looking for, or just peruse the […]