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Script Doctor Eric

Some have asked what my involvement is in The Script-a-thon Screenwriting Contest is this year.

The short answer is: I am not involved.

Last year (2010) I was a sponsor for the contest.  I offered entries at a discounted price.  I sent a bunch of you over to their Facebook page. Some of you entered, and two of you won.  (Nice work Jerod and Billy!)

But this year I was informed that they do not need my help promoting the event.  And so, I wish them the best of luck.

Should you enter your script in the contest? It’s really up to you.  I always encourage screenwriters to enter smaller contests – your odds are greater.

At the same time, I like to know WHO is reading my script when I enter it into a contest.  With competitions like BlueCat at least you get feedback, so you know someone has taken a look at your script.

But how do you know if that person is a decent judge?

The whole idea of not knowing who reads your script in a contest led me to start my own screenplay contest last year. In Script Doctor Eric’s 2010 Screenplay Competition, I read each script and provided written feedback to those who payed a little extra.  I limited the entries to 100, but let me tell you, that’s still a LOT of scripts.

So, pick your screenwriting contests wisely, especially if you’re on a limited budget.  Should you save up and stay tuned for Script Doctor Eric’s 2011 Screenplay Competition?  We’ll see.  :)


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