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Script Doctor Eric

Some might say this web series picked for this week’s Support Something Sunday runs circles around other Kickstarter projects.

Others might say it has a leg up on them.

And still others might say…okay, that’s enough.

For today’s Support Something Sunday, the web series I’ve chosen to support is “Laps,” by Chad Diez.

The series is beginning its second season.  I just learned about it through one of my former (and future?) clients, whose name may or may not be Chad Diez.

Though I didn’t catch much of the first season, it’s been fun catching up on past episodes.  And the new season looks bigger and better.  Check it out:


Chad is really professional, and great at getting press for his work.  The series seems to be improving as it goes along, and the main character has actually lost weight from all the running he has had to do while filming.


So kick in a few bucks and be a part of the web series Laps – Season 2.

Or sponsor another project.  Maybe something green.  Because it’s not only Support Something Sunday, it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Of course, you already knew that.

But it just dawned on me.

Because I’m actually writing this post a few days before.

Seriously.  And…



Do you have a short, feature, or web series you’d like help raising money for on Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Drop me the link through MY CONTACT PAGE and I”ll check it out…and you just might be featured on the next Support Something Sunday!

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