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Script Doctor Eric

The winner of Logline Friday for January 11th, 2013, comes to us from from Twitter:

@CharlieXBarnett – Suddenly becoming homeless and keeping it a secret from your new girlfriend… priceless.

That sounds like an obstacle with a large challenge to overcome!  It also reminds of the hilarious scene from HALF BAKED when Dave Chappelle stretched $8.00 across a 4-hour date in New York with Mary Jane. (Below)

It’s a little vague,* and while I’m a not a fan of the Mastercard commercial aspect of the logline (“priceless”), it keeps the tone light so we know this is intended to be a comedy.

Thanks for taking time out of running the Xavier institute and battling Magneto to submit a logline, Charles!**  Congrats!

Charlie wins notes on the first 10 pages of any script he wishes to send my way.

If you didn’t win this week, don’t worry – there’s always another Logline Friday around the corner!

Best of luck, and…



* There was a first part to this logline, but I didn’t read it until after I chose this as the winner. (It wasn’t properly addressed to @scriptdreric).  Interestingly, I prefer this shorter version.  Just goes to show, it pays to be concise.

** X-Men joke.  You see, I’m pretending CharlieX is Charles Xavier, a.k.a. “Professor X.”  I’m sure this is the first time Charlie has heard this. :)

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