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Scriptcast – A Screenwriting Podcast

All episodes of Scriptcast can now be found at *** The rumors are true – Script Doctor Eric and TV Wet Nurse Matt teamed up to start a screenwriting podcast. Titled “Scriptcast,” the show focuses on screenwriting for film and television. The first 55 episodes were recorded live at the UCLA Radio studio every Friday, […]

Top 10 TV Shows of the 2010-2011 Season

Another great post from TV Consultant Joey.  Thanks Joey!  -Eric **For the top shows of 2011, please see Joey’s new post: Top Shows of the 2011 Fall TV Season** Top 10 TV Shows of the 2010-2011 Season Since I do my annual movie list, it only seemed fair to weigh in on the current TV […]

Favorite Writing Procrastination Technique

Another post from TV Consultant Joey…And yes, I realize John August mentioned making playlists on his blog a little while back.  Maybe it’s in the zeitgeist?  -SDE   Before writing a script, we all find a million things to do instead of facing that inevitable blank screen.  My personal favorite: make a playlist.  For every […]

TV Pilot and Spec Service Pricing

As some of you television writers know, this year I recruited TV Consultant Joey to answer all Television questions on the site. Due to popular demand, we then set up a service so she could give notes and feedback on TV spec scripts and pilots. Since this was the first year of the service, we […]

What’s the Best Genre for a TV Pilot?

Another television writing question answered by TV Consultant Joey Q: What’s the best genre for a television pilot? Networks and studios love procedurals (crime solving, medical cases, legal cases, etc.) because they allow a close-ended story every week and they repeat extremely well in syndication (e.g. Law & Order.) Writers, well, we love serials (Lost, […]