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Script Doctor Eric

Is film school helpful in becoming a screenwriter?  Matt and Eric are joined by USC film school graduate and up-and-coming writer/director Raymond C Lai 

This is another episode where we’re still fine tuning the sound.  Sorry about that. We had two big mics that picked up me (Eric) and Ray Lai VERY well, but it’s a little harder to hear Matt and Brian Lee.  

Oh, Brian Lee is also on the episode.  We’re not sure why, but he went to the Naval Academy, so we just say “yes” to whatever he asks.


18-year olds, how to become a screenwriter, Harvard, Film school, Brian Lee and the Naval Academy, debt and film school, USC film school, writer-director Raymond C. Lai, is film school worth the money, deadlines, Ray is talented at many disciplines, film sets, gaining experience in making films, what you learn at film school, peers.

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Thanks again to Ray Lai for coming on the show.



Scriptcast 61 – Film School [ 29:33 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (208)

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