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Script Doctor Eric

On this awesome episode of Scriptcast Matt and Eric are joined by screenwriter and blogger Emily Blake to discuss her recent success, as well as mastering style and voice in screenwriting.  Enjoy!


“Treats” – Novelists (featuring Randall Park)
“My Only Vice” – Novelists (featuring Randall Park)


Welcome Emily Blake back to Scriptcast, Emily Blake interview, TrackingB Screenwriting Contest, getting an agent and manager, taking general meetings, dressing for meetings, writing commercial screenplays, BREAK, screenwriting style, screenwriting voice, catch phrases, Tonight He Comes / Hancock, Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, Requiem for a Dream, Shane Black’s Lethal Weapon script, it looks like robots live here, a mirror dusted with cocaine, Raymond Chandler’s Playback, Emily Blake’s transition from a serious tone to a more comedic style, Matt’s Two-Week Challenge, talking to a stranger, creating awkward situations may or may not help your screenwriting, The Game, Coolest Weapon Game, flame thrower, Emily’s Blog – www.bambookillers.blogspot.com, thanks for listening!

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Emily – @bambookiller
Matt – @tweetofmatthill
Eric – @scriptdreric

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