Scriptcast 55 – Fade Out (For Now)

Matt and Eric record at the UCLA Radio studios for the final time, as they get jobs and finish grad school (respectively).

However, new Scriptcast episodes have been recorded outside the studio, and are coming soon!


“The Future Soon” – Jonathan Coulton


Listener questions, writing down movie ideas as they come, when to break screenwriting rules, technical screenwriting questions, character descriptions, referring to characters in screenplay, consistent formatting, Phillip Mottaz from our writer’s group, writing out dialog in the background, pdf screenplays from Emily Blake (Bamboo Killers), music’s influence on writing, using a robot to help you write – Cleverbot, our 12 best episodes, best podcasts besides Scriptcast, The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith, angel investors for scriptcast, Megan Ellison, finishing grad school, the next episodes…

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