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Script Doctor Eric

Even though here on the site she is known as TV Script Doctor, our good friend Joey (About Joey) knows a ton about feature films, and her yearly “movie lists” were the main inspiration for The Great Movie Challenge of 2012.  

So, check out Joey’s list below.  And for all the “Best of 2012” lists please see All the “Best of 2012” Movie Lists

The Best Movies of 2012
by TV Script Doctor Joey 

1. Silver Linings Playbook – Loved it!  Reminds me of my own crazy family.

2. Hunger Games – I’m a big fan of the books, so I was worried….but it worked for me.  And Jennifer Lawrence gets the #1 and #2 spot!

3. Django Unchained – Only Tarantino could have pulled this off. But boy, does he!

4. Beasts of the Southern Wild – Original and moving.  Loved that little girl.

5. Argo – My pick for Best Picture.

6. The Hobbit – Not quite to the LOTR standard, but still #6 for the year.  I miss the ol’ “fellowship.”

7. Looper – Don’t over-think it.

8. Les Miserables – I love the musical and really enjoyed the movie.  I didn’t cry, but I did sing along quietly in the theatre.

9. Safety Not Guaranteed – Go see this movie!

10. The Avengers – The perfect summer popcorn movie.

11. Ruby Sparks – Great quirky premise, surprisingly dark at moments.

12. Pitch Perfect – Unexpectedly sweet.  Makes me want to join an accapella group.

13. Lincoln – I could have done without the opening and closing scenes, but I was surprised but how compelling it was.

14. Promised Land – An enjoyable movie with some depth.   Plus I do love Matt Damon.

15. The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Who doesn’t love a good high school movie?  There should be more high school movies!! :)

16. The Sessions – Much more interesting and enjoyable than I expected.

17. Life of Pi – I read the book and couldn’t imagine the movie.  It was well done but not life-changing.

18. Amour – It’s exactly what I expected.   Extremely well-done and moving and I hope to never see it again.

19. Moonrise Kingdom – I know people LOVED this movie.  I liked it.  The “charm” felt a little forced.

20. 21 Jump Street – I had low expectations on this one and enjoyed it immensely.

21. End of Watch – I hope I never date a police officer.

22. Chronicle – Goes a little too far toward the end.

23. Zero Dark Thirty – A little slow.  Since we all know how it ends there’s no sense of tension or urgency.

24. Flight – I didn’t buy the ending.

25. Friends with Kids – This is a premise I consider often for my own life, so I had to see it. :)  It’s “cute.”

26. Dark Knight Rises – I was already kind of done with the Dark Knight series.  And how did he get from that prison back to NYC — all he had was clothes?

27. Celeste and Jesse Forever – Meh.  I wanted to love it.

28. Hope Springs – There were some really funny moments.

29. Prometheus – There were lots of plot holes but that “abortion” scene certainly stays with you.

30. John Carter – I read the books so I knew the story and it was impressively faithful.  It’s not brilliant but why does everyone hate it so?

31. Frankenweenie – Couldn’t really get that into the story but it did look really cool.

32. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – I love Ewan McGregor.  Who approved this title?

33. Magic Mike – It is what it is.

34. The Impossible – So manipulative.  But the acting (both adults and kids) is impressive!  And that cut on her leg still makes me cringe.

35. Brave – Not at all what I was expecting and disappointing for Pixar.  Certainly no Wall-E or Up.

36. This is 40 – More like…This is 40 Minutes too Long!  :)

37. Mirror Mirror – Of the two Snow White movies, at least this one tried to be fun and campy.

38. The Campaign – Should have been so much funnier.

39. Ted – Should have been so much funnier.

40. The Master – A little too much like Scientology.  I just don’t quite get it.

41. Jeff Who Lives at Home – Should have been so much funnier.

42. Wanderlust – Should have been so much funnier. I mean it’s Paul Rudd!

43. Five Year Engagement – This is why Rom Coms have a bad rep.

44. Trouble with the Curve – Slow and predictable but I still kind of enjoyed it.  Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake are pretty cute together.

45. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World – The trailer is good.  Just watch it and skip the movie.

46. Cabin in the Woods – What???  They actually had me until the elevators.

47. Savages – Blake Lively’s VO made this almost unwatchable.

48. Snow White and the Huntsmen –  A *serious* live-action Snow White?  Why?

The Hunger Games and The Hobbit seemed to be ranked a bit high.  That is all I’ll say…for now.  :)  -Eric  

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