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Script Doctor Eric

And the winner of everyone’s favorite Friday logline contest (Logline Friday) for February 1st, 2013, is…

Ronald F!

Ronald’s logline for the script HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND:

She’s dating a girl for the first time and she’s never been happier.  Little does she know, she’s really dating her “ex boyfriend” who got a really good sex change operation.

Woah, didn’t see that twist coming.  Nice surprise!  Sounds like it could be a fun, dark, indie comedy.

The logline reminds me a little of that song by The Killers, and a little like HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH – both great indie-pop artistic cultural creations.

Especially HEDWIG.  Man, I love that movie.

So, congrats Robert!  The “F” obviously stands for “Fantastic logline writer.”  Or something else…

If you didn’t win this week, you may want to take a look at the Past Logline Friday Winners and compare them to the logline you submitted.

Notice how the winning loglines are specific enough to entice a reader, and have some sort of hook about them?  Do that! :)

Or at the very least, condense and revise, and submit your logline again this Friday!

Seriously, and…



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