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Script Doctor Eric

Thanks to everyone who took time out during this holiday season to submit to Logline Friday.

The winning logline came to me this week via email.  If you’re wondering, most loglines are submitted via Twitter (@scriptdreric) but I do get a fair number over email and even via Facebook.

Oh, you’re not reading this post to find out the most common ways I receive your loglines?   Okay okay, so the winner of Logline Friday for December 21, 2012 is…

Paul M

A young priest on the brink of bankruptcy decides to blackmail a member of his parish using their confessions.  It was the wrong member.

A blackmailing priest?  That creates enormous possibilities for a complex character torn apart by a moral dilemma.  I love it.

The ending to the logline “It was the wrong member,” is a little ambiguous, though.  Is the blackmailee* going to go to war with the priest?  That’s probably it, and I’m looking forward to reading those pages.   Now the priest is in over his head!

But there’s also a chance that “It was the wrong member” is literal – that the priest is actually blackmailing the wrong member.  Read this way, the movie might be a more serious drama instead of a thriller.  Hell, it could even be a comedy about mistaken identity.

I let that slide, however, as the idea of  a priest who blackmails folks from details learned in confessional was enough to get me.

Congrats to Paul M. (who is also on Twitter – @PaulJMeredith)!  He wins notes on the first 10 pages of his script!  Can’t wait to read it!

And thanks to everyone who emailed, tweeted, or posted a logline on my Facebook wall.  You’re welcome to submit the same logline next week, but you may want to spruce it up a bit!  :)

Happy holidays, and…



* It seems more correct to write “blackmail victim,” but it’s not often that you get to use “blackmailee” in a sentence.  Probably because it isn’t a word…

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