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Script Doctor Eric

The Script Notes deal below has expired…but fear not!  I now offer new screenwriting services to help you make the most of your screenplay in 2013! 


After a hiatus of epic proportions, the wait is over.  I am pleased to announced that I have returned to helping people out with their screenplays.

In other words, I have relaunched Script Doctor Eric’s Screenwriting Services

And to celebrate the return, for a limited time, I am offering script notes for just $75.

That’s right, veteran script reader, produced screenwriter, and frequent tweeter, Script Doctor Eric will read your screenplay and try his darnedest to improve it in 2-3 pages of notes on everything from screenwriting format to characters to plot to theme to pacing to…as much as I can pack in 2-3 pages.  (If you’re curious, here are a few sample script notes of the past)

How “limited” is the “time” of this “offer?”

Well, I’m glad you “asked.”  It will last until exactly 11:59pm on December 31st, 2012.

That’s right, when the clock strikes 2013, it’ll be gone.

In fact, it might be a good idea to purchase your notes right now by clicking the “Order Services” menu on the right, before you forget.  :)

Because here’s the OTHER part of that deal.  When you purchase the $75 notes you’ll have all of 2013 to cash them in.

So if you need notes on a screenplay right now, great.  Or if you’ve just started writing a movie and will need notes this summer, that’s fine as well.

Or lets say you have two screenplays, and you want to give one to me now, and polish the other before sending it, purchase two sets of notes and you’ll be set for the entire year.

Whenever you choose send me your screenplay, you’ll have my notes within 10 business days.

Because I feel like my prices are already reasonable, this really is a limited offer.   Seriously.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Best of luck, and…



If you are reading this in 2013 and looking for script notes, don’t fret!  Though the $75 deal is gone, I still offer very reasonable prices in my screenplay services.   No, really.  

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