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Fall 2011 TV Season – New Show Reviews

Below is another great post from TV Script Consultant Joey.  No, I do not know how to make these letters smaller.  Enjoy her take on the 2011 Fall TV Shows!  -Eric — I love the new TV season.  I love coming home to a full DVR overflowing with potential. 


Script Doctor Eric

Howdy!For those participating in The Great Movie Challenge of 2012: How’s it going?   Wasn’t CHRONICLE awesome?  Isn’t THE AVENGERS overrated?  For those that don’t know about the challenge: Did you click that link?  No?  Well, you kinda need to click it in order to understand the

Script Doctor Eric

I got this question recently:I’ve written a feature-length script, and wanted to write a treatment.  I’ve heard that it should be between 20-30 pages.  Is that true?Most screenwriting rules are more like “guidelines,” (as Geoffrey Rush might say, in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of