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Script Doctor Eric

A few weeks ago* Alexandra Choi armed with cameras and a Brooklyn accent, joined me and Matt in the UCLA Radio studios for the live recording of the screenwriting podcast Scriptcast.  Matt and I had a great time, everyone laughed a lot, and we were sad to see Alexandra go. (The episode will be up on iTunes shortly.)

But Alexandra did go.  Home, that is, where she quickly wrote a blog post about her appearance on the show, edited her footage and put together a short video. (Below)  So that’s what it’s like to be productive…

Though she is not the first guest to bring a camera to the podcast recording, she is the first to put it together in a well-edited, quick-viewing clip.

And so, in case you wondered what me, Matt, Alexandra** or the UCLA Radio studios looked like it looked like, here is the first video the looks behind the scenes at Scriptcast:

Yes, that’s me dancing in and out of frame at the end.   Just trying to keep the fun going.

Thanks again to Alexandra for coming on the show, and to all the listeners of Scriptcast for…listening.



*Depending on when you read this.  Could be a few months ago by now.  Or maybe, a few years.  How long will this Internet last?  Only time will tell…if it still exists in the future.

** “She’s hot on her website, but she’s way hotter in person.” -Anonymous person, definitely not named Matt.

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