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Fall 2011 TV Season – New Show Reviews

Fall 2011 TV Season – New Show Reviews

Below is another great post from TV Script Consultant Joey.  No, I do not know how to make these letters smaller.  Enjoy her take on the 2011 Fall TV Shows!  -Eric

I love the new TV season.  I love coming home to a full DVR overflowing with potential.  But unfortunately, this season is off to a pretty disappointing start.

I’ll update as new shows premiere (I remain extremely optimistic about American Horror Story) but so far, my current standings are as follows:

  1. New Girl – A    Cute.  Nervous about the replacement of Coach but will definitely keep it on the DVR.
  2. Terra Nova – A-   Almost didn’t even bother watching this one; from the previews, it seemed ridiculous – like the Jurassic Park ride at Universal.  But then I got sucked in.  Edge of my seat viewing.   Dinosaurs.  Time Travel. A hybrid Cop Procedural/Family Drama all in one.  How has this not been done before? 
  3. Free Agents – B+  Good potential.  The leads are likable, the writing is good.  Not much of a premise, but still fun.
  4. Hart of Dixie – B  Summer Roberts and Jason Street meet in a small town-Doc Hollywood scenario?  How could I not be excited?  The pilot was a little underwhelming but it’s all good fun.
  5. The Secret Circle – B-  I’m a sucker for teen shows and supernatural shows, so my hopes were high.  Seems pretty mediocre so far.  But again, might get better.  I’ll keep it around for the moment.
  6. Prime Suspect – C+  I could take it or leave it.  Will give it another episode.
  7. Person of Interest – C+  That beard and wild hair in the first act were terrible.  Plus, I’m just not buying the premise.
  8. 2 Broke Girls – C  I like my comedies to be funny.  This one just isn’t quite funny.
  9. Playboy Club – C  Nothing compels me to watch again.  Not even Eddie Cibrian’s dimples.
  10. Gifted Man – C  Blah.  The premise is too maudlin, plus I like a lead with personality.
  11. Suburgatory – C  Hard to sit through.  A waste of Jeremy Sisto and so many failed attempts at jokes.  Not loving the lead girl.  But right at the end, I sort of got sucked in for a moment.   Might give it one more week.
  12. Ringer – C-  My hopes were high that this could be a guilty pleasure.  Two episodes in and all guilt, no pleasure.
  13. Unforgettable – C-  The name is apparently ironic.
  14. Revenge – D+  Does not feel like an ABC show.  Nor a show I care about.
  15. Up All Night – D  I hate it when actors I like play characters that make me cringe.  I even sat through episode 2 hoping it would grow on me.  It grew worse.
  16. Pan Am – D  They should have just made it fun, light and soapy instead of…a spy recruitment?  A mysterious disappearance?  Please!  If you’re going to try to be the female Mad Men, don’t screw with the formula.
  17. Whitney – F  Encapsulates all my pet-peeves in the world.  Cringe-worthy from beginning to end.

New Girl is the winner!

So far…