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Script Doctor Eric

The project chosen for this week’s Support Something Sunday (#SSS) is none other than the New Jersey indie comedy TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE!


I found out about the movie while browsing Indiegogo, searching for films to profile these first few weeks of #SSS.   To be honest, TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE was the first project that made me actually laugh out loud.

No, really.  I did.

It was just a quick chuckle, yet it was still a guy sitting at his computer, laughing by himself, startling his dog.

To me, that means something.  Maybe these guys can make a funny movie?

Their Indiegogo page looks great – well written, with unique rewards for every level of donation.  (If I were in New York, I would have donated enough to get the walking tour…).

Though I’m not sure what their movie is about, they’ve already proven they can create a video with a concise, professional pitch…and some funny moments.

Do you like comedies?  I doubt you’ll find one with more promise than TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE.

So what are you waiting for?  Go to their page and chip in a few bucks.  I did.

And now I’m excited to see how the film will turn out.

Good luck, guys.  And…



Do you know of a project that is worth profiling on Support Something Sunday?  Email or tweet me the page and I’ll check it out!  ([email protected] / @scriptdreric

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