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Script Doctor Eric

Ever go to a site and click a link that appears to be related to another site, and then it takes you to some OTHER page with crazy pop-up ads and a virus that downloads onto your computer causing it to email your senior thesis to all your friends and family?

I’m talking to you, Drew’s Script-o-Rama (Don’t click that link unless you want to experience some/most of what is described above.)

Due to Google Ads and other ways to monetize websites, this seems to be a growing trend.  More and more sites seems to be packed with links  To be honest, it makes me NOT want to click ANY links.  I’m sure others feel the same.

Here on ScriptDoctorEric.com, I don’t have any links to sites that haven’t been checked out.  In fact, most of my links are simply to other posts on the site.

Because in the end, I don’t want readers to fear clicking links on the site.  In fact, I think you’ll probably enjoy the pages I link to.  It’s why I go to the trouble to create  links in the first place.

So, click away at your whim.  (If you’re in a clicking mood, check out My Favorite Screenwriting Links)  Your senior thesis is safe.



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