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Script Doctor Eric

Last Friday there were a few technical difficulties.  I’m not saying anyone is to blame, I’m just saying that I wrote a post called Unreliable Twitter

Finally, five days later, we’ve gathered all the loglines submitted via Twitter and email.  (Thanks for those!)

And at 11am on Friday, May 6th, 2011, we WILL declare a winner of the New Logline Friday thus kicking off the reboot of the weekly logline competition that you’ve missed so much.  :)

The winner will be picked from any logline emailed or Tweeted to me before 11am on Friday.   If Twitter doesn’t work again, I’m going to punch it in the fact.

The winner will be announced LIVE on Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast) this Friday, at 11am.  (Did I say 11am on Friday, yet?)

Tune in to www.UCLAradio.com on Friday, from 11am-noon (last mention) to catch the recording of the show.

Simply click “Listen Live” on the site.  They also have an iPhone Ap.)

Otherwise, hang tight as we negotiate bandwidth and other overly-technical needs to post the podcast.

I’ll probably also post the winner here on the site, perhaps on this page of Logline Friday Winners

See ya Friday!


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