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Script Doctor Eric

For today’s Support Something Sunday (#SSS) please consider helping out the film Cagney Cried:

As you can see, there’s not much time left on this project!  Donate today!  :)

How I found this project: A few weeks ago, one of my Twitter followers (when can we call each other friends or acquaintances?) @JasmineMcAtee suggested I check out Cagney Cried.  Confused by the name, I finally checked it out this this week. And I’m glad I did.

When you click the link above and watch the short video pitch on their Indiegogo page, you’ll see why I chose this project.  It’s just plain professional.   It looks as sounds great, the acting is professional, and the script seems sweet and avoids the cliches it could easily fall into with such a concept.

Not a bad start.  Only the name might need some work.  :)

There’s only a few days left in their fundraising campaign, so support Cagney Cried today!  Or tomorrow!  But don’t wait more than a week.

Seriously, and…



Have a project you think is worthy of Support Something Sunday?  Email or tweet me the info and I’ll check it out

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