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Script Doctor Eric

A quick post inspired by my artist-painter-friend Elizabeth Hudson, who wrote about her artistic process on her painting blog in a simple, clear manner, which made me think – hey, I should do something like that for screenwriting!  So, here goes…

My writing routine
(Variation 1 – Daytime/Home)

Make coffee

Sit down at the computer

Place coffee within reach

Turn off the internet*

Turn ON inspiring music**

Set a timer for 30 minutes
(Who can’t write for 30 minutes?)

 Open up my document


Don’t think

Don’t judge

You can always rewrite it later

Just write

How many minutes have gone by?

I wonder if Amazon.com is having a sale?

No, just write!


I’m doing it.

I’m doing it.

I’ll really doing it when I stop thinking that I’m doing it.






* Only Bond villains can truly “turn off” the Internet.  What I mean here is that I unplug my devices, giving me an extra step between me and the sweet, sweet world of web surfing…

** This varies from person to person, and for me, it varies depending on the screenplay I’m writing, and the mood I want to capture. This deserves a post of its own…oh wait, it has one – Lada Gaga and your Screenplay:)

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