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Script Doctor Eric

This “Best of 2012” list is a part of the Great Movie Challenge of 2012.  For all of the lists, see All the Best Movies of 2012 Lists

Judy is a client who has used my screenwriting servies and is a filmmaker in China.  That’s right, China. -Eric

Best Movies of 2012

by Judy Lee

Top 10

1. Argo – A historical politic event mixed with thriller genre, compelling as it to the best.

2. Silver Linings Playbook – A bi-polar character doesn’t need medication, but crazier love. Plausible screenwriting with a novel perspective.

3. Zero Dark Thirty – Tribute to the female director as this film actually is feminism, apart from the torture issue. (Oscar best actress)

4. Life of Pi – A human survivor connects unexpectedly with a fearsome tiger survivor. An epic adventure.

5. Amour – Tedious ordinary aged couple life as neighbors you can see, but shocked and deepened by the powerful ending.

6. Les Miserables – “To love another person is to see the face of god”.

7. The Impossible – A family strength toward the tsunami. Perfect cast performance.

8. The Grey – Courage to surviving. The monotonous snow white turns into hopeless hazy grey.

9. People Like Us – Forgiveness to a deceased father, though the moral related with the extra-marriage affair is not acceptable by everyone. Chris Pine’s remarkable acting made him the Oscar award presenter.

10. Five Broken Camera – A documentary on a Palestinian farmer’s chronicle of his nonviolent resistance to the actions of the Israeli army.

Don’t Miss or Overrated

11.Lincoln – Great historical story, but for the movie, mostly due to Daniel Day-Lewis’ excellent performance. (Oscar best actor)

12. Skyfall – First time feel emotional bond with the theme, a little sentimental about Bond’s boss change. Bond’s girls weakly functional though

13. Django Unchained – Okay it’s a Tarantino’s film, if you like him, you like it. If not, this is a mean film.

14. Hunger Games – Very entertaining.

15. Looper – Better than expected.

16. The Dark Knight Rises – Overrated.

17. The Land of Blood and Honey – Watchable.

18. Flight  – The main character’s flaw ‘drinking problem’ seems too common, not well rooted to make audience into him no matter how terrific Denzel Washington performed.

19. The Cabin in the Woods – An enjoyable horror film.

Could be Worse

20. The Lucky One  – A tsunami of syrup drama with gap plotting, but visually enjoyable.

21. This Means War – The main character’s emotion subsided due to ‘high concept’, but enjoyed the twists and turns. However the last turn in the ending is a surplus.

22. Cloud Atlas – The story’s spine is weak and vague as six lives’ circle spanned a thousand of years.

23. This Is 40 – The screenplay needs more twists to weave the couple’s conflicts.

24. LOL  – Ahigh school budding love is a cliché, nothing to do with internet style by the term ‘LOL’

25. Beasts of the Southern Wild – Need special understanding. Watch just for it’s an Oscar nominee.

Thanks for the list, Judy!  I learned a new phrase: “tsunami of syrup.”  Nice!  -Eric

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