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Script Doctor Eric

Our resident Television expert TV Consultant Joey uses her experience working for various production companies to answer the following question:

Q:  How long should I wait before following up with a producer/agent/manager after sending my brilliant query letter?

A:  Two weeks.  Wait two weeks, then place an amazingly nice, polite, chatty follow-up call with the assistant.

Remember, these assistants are often over-worked and under-paid.  Thus, the “amazingly nice,” tone.

If he/she tells you they haven’t had a chance to review it.  Wait another two weeks and try again.  (Don’t forget your “amazingly nice” tone.)

I normally think after six weeks, and 2-3 calls….it’s time to let it go. Unless the assistant that you’ve now befriended tells you otherwise.


Got a question for Joey?  Shoot her an email – [email protected]

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