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Script Doctor Eric

For today’s Support Something Sunday (#SSS) I’ve chosen the indie sci-fi comedy Quantum Theory

Go to Quantum Theory’s Indiegogo Page and watch their pitch video.  Funny right?  Maybe a little cheesy?

I hear you.  The video doesn’t land on all the jokes, but at the very least they keep firing jokes.

Also, their synopsis is a bit wild (but imaginative) and their perks get a little strange (I’m not really into video blogging…).


Quantum Theory make the cut when I realized that one of the people involved in the project is a talented actress and consummate professional who once read pages for our writers group

That actress is America Young

Imagine my surprise when browsing Indiegogo for projects to sponsor and America popped up!

Sometimes I support projects because they look great and I just want to get involved.  Other times I’m more influenced by the people involved.

So check out Quantum Theory.  Pitch in a few bucks, and then sit back and see what happens.

Hopefully something great.



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