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Script Doctor Eric

In this episode of Scriptcast – A Screenwriting Podcast Matt and Eric are joined by screenwriter / web series creator Anne Lower, known as @Princess_Scribe on Twitter.  She arrived a bit late, so the episode is a somewhat shorter than others, and ends abruptly.  Think you’ll still enjoy it!


“Can’t Go Back” – Putnam Hall


Anne Lower interview, They Live Among Us Web Series, indie filmmaking, fallen angels, skid row, finding locations, garment district, renting warehouses, landlord Steve story, landlord Steve shagging a girl in the bathroom, writing a web series, Save the Cat!, Blake Snyder, awful first screenplays, overconfidence in our first scripts, pitching your idea before writing, importance of outlining, applying Save the Cat to They Live Among Us, Blake Snyder beat sheet, fun and games and its relation to sex, abrupt ending!

Click below to listen!  And don’t forget to go to the iTunes store, search “Scriptcast,” and subscribe for free!

Scriptcast 39: Anne Lower Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (417)

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