Princess Scribe on Scriptcast!

Some of you know her as Princess Scribe.  Others as Anne Lower.  Whatever you call her, she’s coming on Scriptcast this Wednesday, February 22nd at 11am!

Listen live by going to on Wednesday at 11am and clicking the “Listen Live” button at the top of the page.

We’ll be chatting with Anne about her new web series – They Live Among Us – as well as Oscar films, screenwriting, Save the Cat structure, and much, much more.  (Or maybe just “much more?”)

If you’re not familiar with Anne’s work, I highly encourage you to check out her bio on the They Live Among Us Website.

Want to join in the discussion?  Tweet me (@scriptdreric) any and all questions before or during the show.  I’ll try and squeeze as many as I can in the interview.

If you miss the live recording, don’t fret – it’s just the live recording.  The podcast episode will be posted a few days after Anne’s appearance.  Be sure to subscribe to Scriptcast via iTunes to catch all the new episodes.

You just go to iTunes, search “Scriptcast” and hit “Subscribe.”

It’s free.


Okay, see you on Wednesday, and…



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