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Logline Friday Winner – Angel PR

It’s that time again, time to declare a winner of my weekly – and free – logline contest, Logline Friday. There were fewer submissions this week, which can only mean one of three things: 1. Less people are writing screenplays. 2. A wormhole in space is swallowing all the movie ideas. 3. I need to […]

Logline Friday Winner – Gang Tackle

Thank you for all the excellent loglines this week, sent to me via Twitter (@scriptdreric) and email ([email protected]) And the winner of Logline Friday for Friday, February 15, 2013 is… John H! No, not that John H. No, not THAT John H. THIS John H: “Gang-Tackle” – A group of homeowners band together and challenge a […]

Logline Friday Winner – Dating Sybil

There were a number of excellent loglines this week.  A big THANK YOU* to everyone who submitted one, two, or three loglines. But the winner of Logline Friday for February 8th, 2013 is… Rustin Niles! @RustinNiles When a love jinxed comic falls for a beauty with 3 alter egos he must win the heart of all […]

Logline Friday Winner – Her New Girlfriend

And the winner of everyone’s favorite Friday logline contest (Logline Friday) for February 1st, 2013, is… Ronald F! Ronald’s logline for the script HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND: She’s dating a girl for the first time and she’s never been happier.  Little does she know, she’s really dating her “ex boyfriend” who got a really good sex […]

Logline Friday Winner – Class Dismissed

And the winner of the weekly logline competition called Logline Friday for January 25, 2013 is…Geoff Breedwell! Screw that guy!  My logline was better than his…even though I haven’t read his yet…I just know it in my bones! First of all, can you really know anything “in your bones?”  And second…well, you may be correct. […]