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Script Doctor Eric

There were a number of excellent loglines this week.  A big THANK YOU* to everyone who submitted one, two, or three loglines.

But the winner of Logline Friday for February 8th, 2013 is…

Rustin Niles!

@RustinNiles When a love jinxed comic falls for a beauty with 3 alter egos he must win the heart of all 3, or lose the girl of his dreams.

While it’s exceedingly difficult to write good movies about stand-up comics, the concept has enough of a hook where I’d be happy to give the script a chance.  The main character has a major challenge – win over THREE women! – and since those three women are actually the same person, it could make for great comedy.

Also, writing a strong part for a comedic actress like Tina Fey or Kristen Wiig is not a bad way to go.  With so many great comedic actresses, there is a need for scripts that showcase their talents.

So, congrats Rustin!  You won Logline Friday, and get script notes from me on the first five pages of any script you wish to send my way.

For everyone else, there’s always next Friday.

Seriously, and…



* I told you it was big.

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