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Script Doctor Eric

There were some great loglines this Black Friday, but the Logline Friday winner for November 26th is…

Robert Pilkington!

@i_am_remote – A shamed college dropout participates in an extensive, 10-day sleep study for cash…and fears for her safety when, one-by-one, fellow participants begin to vanish.

Is this about the insanity caused by sleep deprivation, or are these disappearances real?  Not sure.

But I am sure this is concise, one-location horror idea that can be low or big budget depending on who makes it.  And by writing a low-budget idea, Robert has just opened a huge can of options – a great approach for new writers who want to get their work made.

Congrats again to Robert who wins free notes on the first five pages of any script he wants to send my way.  I hope it’s this one.

Sorry if you didn’t win this week.  There’s always another Friday around the corner.



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