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Script Doctor Eric

Are you looking for notes on your screenplay from a produced screenwriter and freelance script reader?

Great.  Head on over to Script Doctor Eric’s Screenwriting Services and get the help you need today!

Oh, you don’t think you need notes or feedback on your script?  Your screenplay is perfect because you mom and your best friend liked it?

Kidding.  But in all seriousness, screenwriting is a slightly different beast than other types of writing.  And it takes a different type of beast to give you good feedback.

What type of beast are we talking about, and when can we drop the “beast” analogy?*

To tell if your screenplay is worthy of the PDF file you converted it into, you’ll need feedback from someone who knows what they are talking about.

That is, get notes from someone who has read a lot of screenplays.

Better yet, get notes on your script from someone who is a screenwriter.

Coincidentally* Script Doctor Eric is both of those things.

He also writes in the third person when marketing his services.

But this won’t last for long.  It’s really too tiring…

So, if you’d like my** analysis of what works, what doesn’t work, and how to make your screenplay better, check out my Screenwriting Services

If not, I really, really hope you get someone to look at your work who knows what they are talking about.

Because I’ve read far too many screenplays where the writer obviously hasn’t gotten good feedback.

And I would rather not read any more like that.

Best of luck, and..



* This is not a coincidence.  You see, I wrote those sentences before KNOWING I was talking about myself.  No.  Really.  🙂

** Told you it wouldn’t last.

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