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Script Doctor Eric

If you landed on ScriptDoctorEric.com, you’re probably interested in screenwriting. (Just a guess.) Maybe you’ve even pounded out a script? If so, congratulations! Finishing a script is not easy.

But are you really finished? Or does your script still have some issues, some troubled areas?

Find out by giving it to a friend who knows about screenwriting.  Or you can order my script service and I’ll tell you for a small fee.

But don’t send out your script until it’s ready.  Seriously.

Do you hope those little mistakes will be overlooked by a manager/agent/producer?  They’ll forgive those mistakes and just love the thing anyway?

Sure, they MIGHT overlook them…but in my experience, probably not.

So how do you get better at writing?  If you’re new to screenwriting, please see my post: Help for Beginning Screenwriters

Screenwriting is a lot of fun, but to make your screenplay great, it’s also a lot of work.  If you expect something to happen overnight, it probably won’t.

Take the time to learn about the craft.  Write a screenplay.  Then another one.  Then another.

If you like doing it, then there’s your reward.

Want to see your early stuff on screen?  Write a short film and get some people together to shoot it.

Keep going.  The main thing – and first step – is to just write.

So why are you still reading?  :)



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