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Script Doctor Eric

This was the more difficult Logline Friday to judge in recent memory – so many great loglines! And no, I do not say that every time.

But there had to be a winner. For March 5th, 2010, the Logline Friday winner came from James DeMarco, via Facebook

Congratulations James! James wins free notes on 10 pages of any script he chooses!

Here’s the winning logline:

“A womanising 1980s college sports star miraculously awakens from a thirty-year coma to find that things have changed, and he still has 13 credits left to graduate. “

Why did it win? For one, it made me laugh. Two, it was clear and high concept: I could see the possibilities for a Van Wilder / Back to School type comedy right away. Maybe it even has a touch of Billy Madison? Really depends on the execution, but the logline makes me want to read the script. And that’s the goal.

If you didn’t win this time, get those loglines ready for the next Logline Friday – April 2nd.

Questions? Comments? Criticisms? Shoot me a message. Or tweet. Or email.



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