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Script Doctor Eric

Yes, last week’s Support Something Sunday was to help out a theater (Support Cinefamily), and this week it’s a film festival.

What can I say?   I’ve been feeling like supporting exhibitors.

But if you think about it, this makes sense.  The more places there are to show smaller films, the better of all of us who are writing and making movies will be.  Especially important are the local places that show films, like independent theaters and smaller film festivals.

So this week,I’ve chosen to Support the San Diego Film Festival!  (That link is their Indiegogo page.)

Though I haven’t been to it yet, the San Diego Film Festival appears to be one of the more accessible festivals in the Southern California area.  With the free tickets to screenings you get with your contribution, you can just hop on on a train from LA (and then rent a car) to check out this cool festival, as well as a great Southern California city.  I’m going to do everything I can to get there in 2013.

Of course while you’re there, don’t miss the San Diego Zoo.  And Sea World.  And if you’re 18-20 years old and really want to drink, Tijuana is just a dangerous hop over the border.*

I hope you join me in supporting the San Diego Film Festival this Sunday, but if not, that you pitch in to some other artistic project, and make it a habit every week.  I do it on Sunday.



Next week’s Support Something Sunday will definitely be a film or web series.  Got one in need of sponsoring?  Send the link to Eric at Script Doctor Eric dot com.***

* Just kidding, it’s not that dangerous.**

** Okay, it’s a little dangerous.  Just wait until you are 21.  Or hang around responsible 21-year-olds.  Seriously.

*** Why did I write out my email address even though it appears in its actual form many places on the site?  Some questions have no answers…

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