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Script Doctor Eric

Thank you to everyone who submitted for the first of the newly relaunched Logline Fridays

There were so many excellent screenplay loglines it was difficult to choose the best of the bunch.

But I said I would.  And so, without further ado, the winner of Logline Friday for December 14, 2012 is…Berto!

@bert0o0 – Unlucky with love, a lonely man heads to rural China as a mail order groom, and finds love. Problem is, it isn’t his bride.

Can’t you see the movie?  The pitch is quick, lets us know what the conflict will be, and is an interesting twist on the “male order bride” idea.  Very nice.

This is such a strong high-concept idea, I couldn’t believe there hadn’t been a movie about a mail order groom (or “male order bride”…get it?  get it?) yet.

And in fact, it seems there is a movie with a similar concept in development with Tiny Fey and Steve Carell.  But Berto’s twist feels a little different, so if I were Berto, I’d stick with what he’s got, play up the American-in-China / fish-out-of-water humor, and go for it.

Berto wins free notes on the first TWENTY pages of his script!  Can’t wait to read it!

Thanks again for everyone who submitted a logline!  If you didn’t win this week (ie: if your name isn’t Berto), brush up your loglines, because there’s another Logline Friday right around the corner.

Literally, it’s in just four days.

Best of luck, and…



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