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Logline Friday is Back!

Logline Friday is Back!

At long last, your favorite free logline contest (Logline Friday) will return this Friday, December 14th, 2012, and continue indefinitely.

Forgot the rules and don’t want to click the link (above) for some reason?  Here’s what you do:

Create a logline in 280 characters or less for a screenplay you are currently writing.  For some great examples, see the list of Logline Friday Winners.

Sometime on Friday post your logline on Twitter with @scriptdreric in front of it so I can find it.

You can also email it to me…

And…that’s it!

Oh, I almost forgot.  The winner of this week’s Logline Friday will win free written notes from me on the first 20 pages of ANY script they wish to send to me.

That’s right, not the first five pages, not the first ten, but the first TWENTY PAGES.

The winner will also be posted here on the site, of course.

Good luck, screenwriters.  Email me if you have any questions, and…