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Script Doctor Eric

I’ve put up a few Facebook and Twitter updates on this, but I just wanted to post a final reminder…

It’s now the last of day of January in the year 2013.  What does that mean?

Besides that it’s time to make my New Year’s resolutions,* it’s the last day to submit your list to The Great Movie Challenge of 2012

Did you keep track of all the movies you watched that were released in 2012?  Did you write a quick sentence or two about each one?  Great!  Give the list a polish and email it over!  ([email protected]

Oh, you didn’t keep track?  Don’t worry, that’s why IMDB was invented.**  Just scroll though the movies that were released in 2012 and rank the ones you’ve seen.  Write a little bit about each if you can, and sent over that list!

In the next few days, I’ll begin posting the entries.  I’ll also link the author of the list to their blog or Twitter account.  So if you ever wanted to be linked from ScriptDoctorEric.com now’s your chance!

I’m also  linking the author of each list so you can contact each other to discuss your choices!  It’s fun to discuss movie rankings.  For example, you might write to tell someone how much you love their selections, but you have a slight objection with their ranking of LINCOLN as the worst movie other year just because, “the South got gypped.”

See.  Fun!  :)

And if you need another reason to participate, there are now prizes!  Ashley of SellingYourScreenplay.com has generously donated a FREE ONE-YEAR MEMBERSHIP to his suite of Professional Screenwriting Tools (a $49.99 value!).

I’m giving the prize to the person who has seen the most movies…or maybe to the person who’s movie choices match up most closely to mine.  Hmm. I haven’t decided yet…as there are more prizes to come!

So, if you would like to participate in The Great Movie Challenge of 2012, I need your lists by tonight at 11:59pm!  Email it over already!

Seriously, and…



* I do this every year.  By waiting until January 31st, it becomes less of a list made under peer / social pressure, and more of a “to do” or “goals” list.  In other words, just say “no” to peer pressure.  Except when it comes to participating in the Great Movie Challenge.  Just do it.  Seriously.

** Not really why it was invented.

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