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Script Doctor Eric

**Update – A more direct response to Mazin and Scriptnotes can be found in the post I Am Script Consultant (And So Can You!)

I knew that listening to the recent episode of Scriptcast (John August and Craig Mazin’s podcast) titled Screenwriting gurus and other so-called experts might get me a little riled up.  After all, the title itself is fairly condescending to script consultants.

Mission accomplished.  One more angry driver on the 10 freeway.

While some advice on the episode is solid (Want to be a screenwriter?  Read and write scripts!) I take issue with Mazin’s characterization of screenplay consultants, script readers, screenwriting book authors, and the free pass he gives screenwriting professors, separating them from that bunch.

But instead of spending the entire afternoon typing out a thorough and damning rebuttal of Mazin’s arguments, I’ll save it for the next episode of our screenwriting podcast Scriptcast

So tune in to UCLA Radio this Friday, Dec. 9th at noon (or subscribe to Scriptcast on iTunes) to hear Matt and I discuss Mazin, Scriptnotes, and screenwriting professors…amongst other things.

Will this be like the small rapper calling out the big rapper, trying to start a beef to gain more exposure? (Scriptcast is the small rapper, you see…)

Nah.  We’re just trying to figure out this whole screenwriting thing, and Craig brings up some interesting ideas…for us to poop on.

(Or at least for me to poop on.  It turns out Matt may be defending Craig!  Listen and see!)


The discussion turned into a much more heated debate than either Matt and I anticipated. 

We try to make the podcast as fun and educational,

so after careful consideration, we are shelving that episode of Scriptcast for now.

Later, through heavy editing, we may release it.  Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I posted this brief defense of script consultants




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