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Script Doctor Eric

This Wednesday, August 1st, Matt and I will record our screenwriting podcast – Scriptcast – for two solid hours.  The second hour will be entirely devoted to answering YOUR emails.

Send any question, story, or comment to [email protected] with “SCRIPTCAST EMAIL” as the subject and we will read it on the show.

Will you read all the emails on the show?

Yep.  We promise to read at least a portion of EVERY email.  So don’t hesitate – email away!

I have a screenwriting question I have always wanted to ask but it’s probably stupid.  Should I ask it?

Yes!  If you have the question, I’m sure hundreds of other people have the same one!  So, email me already!  You may not get another chance to hear us replay on the podcast because…

This will be the final Scriptcast episode…at least for a while.

Why end it when you’re only growing in popularity?*

I wish there were a dramatic story how Matt and I separated due to creative differences (Matt likes STEPBROTHERS for god sakes!).  Alas, it’s a simple conflict of scheduling.

Does that mean there’s a possibility Scriptcast might return in a few months?

Absolutely.  Check back to ScriptDoctorEric.com for updates on the show.

So again, Wednesday’s schedule looks like (all times Pacific):

3pm – Alexandra Choi interview

4pm – Listener questions

4:50pm – A farewell (for now)

Tune in by going to UCLAradio.com and clicking the big red “Listen Live” button at the top.

If you miss it, no worries.  Just catch the podcast episode on iTunes when it goes up.  (Subscribe to Scriptcast on iTunes

Thanks for listening, and…



* Wow, great, complimentary question!  Seriously though, we’ve grown in listers thanks to listeners like YOU for sharing and spreading the word.  Who knew our little screenwriting show could get THOUSANDS of listeners from all over the world?  Not us.  We were shooting for 25 listeners, including relatives.

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