UCLA Screenwriting Professor Richard Walter on Scriptcast!

This Friday, Richard Walter, chair of the screenwriting department at UCLA will be on our screenwriting podcast, Scriptcast.

The live recording is at the UCLA Radio studio, Friday, May 18th, 11am.  Pacific time, of course.

I plan to ask Professor Walter about his screenwriting courses, the main mistakes screenwriters make, the best scripts he has read, and many other things.

Have a question for the professor?  Email or tweet me before or during the show!

To listen live to the conversation with Professor Walter live, go to UCLAradio.com this Friday, May 18th, 2012, at 11am and click the Listen Live button at the top.

If you miss the live recording, no worries!  The episode will be up on iTunes a few days after recording.

It will also be on the Scriptcast Homepage

Thanks for listening, and…



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